Monday, February 25, 2019

Red tailed hawks!

We now have a pair of red tailed hawks living in our neighborhood/the campus area.

Normally, when you see a majestic bird soaring in the distance, it almost invariably turns out to be a buzzard or similar, but we see hawks or falcons on occasion. This pair of red tailed hawks seems really comfy in our area and while I was walking to church yesterday, I saw them doing all kinds of Blue Angel stuff aerial maneuvers--all apparently recreational and mostly at a pretty low altitude (20-30 feet?). They didn't seem to be hunting, just goofing around.

This past year we had a huge hawk of some kind eating a squirrel on our front lawn. It was a long process (at least two days off and on) and we actually stopped using our front door during that time to give the hawk some space.