Saturday, November 24, 2018

Homestead Heritage Craft Fair

My husband and I took T (age 6) to the Homestead Heritage Thanksgiving craft fair. The big kids have, sadly, gotten too big for it for the moment. But, with any luck, they'll eventually grow back into it. 

This is the schedule of events. It's SO much. They have a large tent devoted to make-your-own projects and there are pony and horse rides and hay rides and so forth. Baby Girl is at exactly the age to enjoy the craft fair with every fiber of her being, as she is very crafty and is big enough to start doing some of the projects, and if we come back, she'll be able to do more and more.

Here's what we did today:

--Looked at petting zoo critters. T loved watching other little girls petting lambs, but stayed cautiously outside the pen.
--Looked at poultry (chickens, a peacock and some turkeys) and sheep and goats.
--T did a hay maze 3 different times.
--Watched a sheep-shearing demonstration.
--Enjoyed cocoa and amazing spiced cake donuts.
--Watched a sheep-herding demonstration involving a workaholic border collie.
--T hammered out a metal spoon.
--T helped with a kids' mini-barn raising.
--T made two wool felt dryer balls for me. (I had been planning to buy some.)
--Husband sampled some of their raw milk smoked gouda (after checking the health risks--it sounds like hard cheese is pretty safe) and said it was very good.

I went into the "Craft Pavilion" (where they have the fancy stuff made by the community for sale) and the stuff was really, really nice. Alas, at this point in our lives, we can't afford simple living...But when I can, I'll buy some of their stuff.

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