Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Here's some of what's happning:

  • The girls and I went to WA and saw the family, especially their 3-year-old cousin.
  • Since we've come back, everybody but me and T has been doing camp. T and I have been shuttling siblings back and forth. (We have had a reasonably humane schedule, though--I kept things pretty simple.)
  • T achieved a longed for goal. She acquired three large bouncy balls from a bouncy ball vending machine at Old Navy.
  • Some friends are expecting a third child. T (herself a third child) told me that this means that thy will have a "perfect" family.
  • T did 22 pages of the Kumon kindergarten logic workbook of her own accord, and got only two items wrong.
  • I showed T a couple videos on how vending machines work. 
  • We went to the gym yesterday and the kids did racquetball and bouldering.
  • C's teacher is teaching a little bit (he has had dire health issues the last half year and is on a transplant list), so C is back doing ukulele lessons--she had taken the spring off from lessons but went to a bunch of local ukulele meetings.
  • C is working through a book of Star Wars theme music. She has just started working on the Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme).
  • Although there is no LOTR sheet music for ukulele, I have just discovered that there is a lot of piano sheet music. We may need C to work on adapting that with her teacher, but it does exist. (C and her teacher have already done a lot of adaptations for Star Trek.)

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