Sunday, April 1, 2018

Candy communism

D asked today (and C and I immediately understood), "When do we go communist?"

What this refers to is the family custom that candy hauls belong to the individual forager for a limited period of time, after which it all gets turned into shared family candy.

We go communist on Easter candy on Tuesday. 

Happy Easter!

Here's some of what happened today:

  • We went to morning Mass at the Catholic student chaplaincy.
  • We had our traditional egg sandwiches for lunch. 
  • The kids loaded up dozens of plastic eggs with tiny chocolate bars and foil chocolate eggs.
  • Each child got a turn to hide three eggs outside.
  • Husband hid the remaining eggs (including two mega eggs)--and not just low to the ground and visible, but in trees, in the grill, on door handles, under toys, you name it.
  • The kids hunted, with T getting a head start of the count of 15. (The consensus of the rest of the family is that she doesn't need that much time anymore.)
  • I got a nap. YAY!
  • Some kind friends invited us to their Easter party around dinner time. T had a glorious time digging in the dirt with the youngest of the hosting family. D played gaga ball, and the rest of us socialized.

Trail ride

Here's some of what happened yesterday:

  • Husband and C and D went for a 2-hour trail ride about 40 minutes away. It was very rugged. Husband says C loves the Texas countryside. It is a very green time of year right now.
  • D went to a young family friend's birthday party in the afternoon.