Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Here's some of what's happening:

  • It's so cold (for TX)!
  • We watched The King and I with the kids. 
  • T got her own tiny, real Christmas tree ($2 just before Christmas).
  • C is working through a book of Star Wars theme music for the ukulele.
  • D was building block castles with T today.
  • We had a nice dinner at Pei Wei, making good use of their BOGO deals (both husband and I are signed up).
  • We all spent much of the afternoon at the local skate/laser tag place, along with three other kids that we'd managed to round up (two old classmates and one current classmate). I believe D managed three rounds of laser tag. There was also a lot of skating. This was T's second time on roller skates, and she had them on about two hours, which is a lot when you're five, even with a skate frame for support. Husband and I accompanied her on loops around the roller rink, making her take a break every loop or two. She took a lot of falls, but was definitely improving and showed a lot of gritty determination. The breaks and cinnamon pretzel definitely helped.  
  • In future, I think we probably should insist on keeping her to 30-60 minutes of skating total, as she gets more accident prone when she's tired.

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