Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

Here's some of what's happening:

  • T has produced a pile of wrapped gifts for the whole family (art projects, I believe). C, D and Daddy each are getting one gift each. T has five gifts for me, and she culled out a bunch of gifts to get it down to five.
  • D made a popsicle stick stable for T's nativity figures. It has collapsed, but I'm hoping it will get stuck together again.
  • C has Latin Christmas carols playing (her class got them from her Latin teacher) while the tree is decorated.
  • C and her community ukulele group did two Christmas performances in December--one at a mall on a Saturday and a slightly longer performance at a nursing home (I sang with them at the nursing home). They had seven people playing ukuleles at the mall and five at the nursing home. The nursing home performance was at the end of dinner. A lot of people had left, but we had a small but appreciative audience. One of the older ladies wanted to know if that was all. Our leader/vocalist said, "That's all we know!"
  • It's a relatively new group (I believe it formed in 2016), but I think it has been gelling lately. C is the youngest member of the group. The other players are middle aged or older, aside the adult daughter of some of the organizers.
  • Husband has been experimenting with 3D-printing Christmas tree ornaments.
  • He also designed 3D-printed a Saturn cookie cutter for a space-loving neighbor/friend.

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