Tuesday, November 21, 2017


We just brought home two boys.  After some outdoor play with Aerobies and boomerangs, they are now in D's room, happily absorbed playing knights and castles.  C has retired to her lair.  T had to be forcefully peeled away from the boys, but I had the excellent thought that I had a small craft kit in my prize area with fuzzy balls, googly eyes, small bits of shaped foam, and small pipe cleaners.  I gave it to her and she is also enjoying herself.  Yay, bribery!

I told T that she'll be able to play with the boys outside later.  I might also be able to talk them into playing Hot Wheels with her, as she has a nice set. 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Three Butterflies

T made a book this morning from college ruled paper, crayon drawings, dollar store butterfly stickers and paper clips.  It's "The Story of the Three Butterflies" and it's about how the three butterflies started as eggs, hatched into caterpillars, turned into butterflies and then started pollinating.  Awww!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thanksgiving break

T looooves school more than any child has ever loved school before.  The kids get a week off for Thanksgiving, which has just started, and T is not pleased.

"I hate break," she says. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Here's some of what's happening:

  • Halloween night was so wet that C bailed.  I took T by car to trick or treat at a friend's (T was dressed as a black cat) and we walked to two neighbors.  We managed to get treats at 2 out of 3 doors.  We only had one set of trick or treaters (our neighbors).  Fortunately, we had bought the good candy, so we weren't stuck with a huge bowl of bad candy.
  • D and his 7th grade class went on a school camping trip for three nights and four days.
  • D's preliminary findings were that a) basic things are much harder to do outside civilization and b) things get dirty very easily.  They also had the experience of having varmints rip into their camp trash and having to pick up the gross scattered debris.  It could have been a lot worse--some of the kids were violating the frequently stated DO NOT KEEP FOOD IN TENTS rule, but nothing terrible happened.  
  • C rode at her horse show and got a 1st prize and a 4th prize.  Her horse did very well in the obstacle course, but got penalized for breaking into an eager canter during a demonstration of gaits.  C's horse this term is SO smart.  
  • D is in training for a 10k.  My husband has been biking along beside him, urging him on.
  • Yesterday, T and I met a mom group (where T met an insta-best friend) and we all fed ducks and geese and then went to the playground.  One mom (with experience of farm ducks) brought lettuce and old spinach for the ducks.  It turns out that urban ducks and geese aren't that interested in healthy living.
  • I somehow caught up 8 days of email last night.
  • T is having pj day at school today.
  • This is also spirit week for the big kids.  D reveled in a homemade retro spaceman costume based on a Star Trek character, C wore her new gold Star Trek pjs to school for pj day, and she wore her Minecraft shirt and carried a homemade creeper on high school stereotype day.
  • All in all, it's been a very fun and interesting week or two.