Thursday, October 12, 2017


Here's some of what happened today:

  • I went to a parent teacher conference for Baby T first thing in the morning.
  • D did a training run for a 10k race he is planning to do.
  • I rounded up all of the kids (they are on fall break) and went to the doctor's office.  I managed to get Baby T's vaccination record for school but wasn't in time to get a flu shot for C.
  • We hit Starbucks for a late-morning snack/lunch.  I was planning to just look at Fossil purses and check out which of their models would hold my calendar (I have a HUGE calendar).  I found this (Kim Rogers' Evie flap crossbody in cognac) and was smitten, especially since the calendar fit.  I see from the online description that it's not actual leather, but it's a very good size and shape (four pockets and 11" wide x 10" high x 2.5" deep, with very simple lines and details).  I just took out a measuring tape--it seems like this one is more like 10" wide.  It probably is 2.5" at the base, but it's definitely wider higher up, and it stands up.  I also like the strap length a lot--not too long, not too short.  It was labeled $58, which I was willing to pay, but was delighted when it turned out to be on sale and $28 with tax--so I can afford for this to be a mistake.  
  • The main consideration (aside from aesthetics) was purse size.  I'm coming out of years of using a backpack as my primary bag.  This made sense for a long time, as on any given day, I'd be toting around:  cell phone, large wallet, diapers/pullups, wipes, change of clothes for Baby T, spare plastic bags, snack for Baby T, water bottle, hats for me and Baby T, bandaids, Benadryl, Tylenol, sunblock stick, etc.  Now that Baby T is 5, I feel like the time has come to downsize from this type of expedition packing.  
  • As my current backpack is seriously fraying, I've ordered a new backpack (the Columbia Fourmile backpack is $40 on Amazon).  The plan is that I will continue to keep the backpack packed with serious expedition supplies and perhaps keep it in the car, but will move to using my new purse for daily use.  The purse needs to be small enough to be more convenient than the backpack, but big enough to fit basic necessities.  (Because if I wind up carrying the backpack all the time because I can't fit my stuff in the cute little purse, what was the point?  And if I buy a bucket-sized mom bag and carry the same stuff as in the backpack, what was the point?)
  • My current wallet a) has a broken zipper b) is starting to fray and c) takes up too much space.  I've got this (a leather zipper wallet with a wrist strap) ordered and coming soon.  The new purse has a built-in wallet compartment, but I should just move the wallet from purse to backpack, depending on which I'm using. 
  • But here's hoping that I can actually fit the necessities (cell phone, new wallet, ???) into the new purse.
  • This sounds like a huge spree, but all of it (backpack, purse and wallet) cost a grand total of about $101. 

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