Sunday, October 15, 2017


Here's some of what happened yesterday:

  • My husband was away until late evening to a conference, so all three kids and I went to C's therapeutic riding lesson.
  • I hadn't really figured out how to combine that with looking for herbs for D at Home Depot, but there's a well-placed Fazoli's nearby, so the kids and I had lunch there before Home Depot.  We had never been to Fazoli's, although it provides some of the kids' hot lunches, so this was a new thing for all of us.  It's fast food Italian, which is kind of inspired.  It was a little grubby, but the food was good (in fact, the kids gave rave reviews).  We got pizza, lasagna, spaghetti with a meaty sauce, and shared a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.  It was $30 for the 4 of us, which is not bad at all for real food, given that we almost all got drinks.  
  • We went to Home Depot, cruised the entire garden section, and finally found the discounted herb plants.  We got a medium-sized rosemary bush, a small thyme, a small cilantro and a small mint bush for $12.
  • At home, D (the main gardener in our family right now), led the planting of the herbs in our two outdoor pots, which are just about exactly the right size to hold two herbs each.  My primary input was to suggest putting the mint in one pot, the rosemary in the other, and then add a remaining herb to each pot.  My thinking is that the mint and the rosemary are perennials, and if all goes well, they will each eventually need a pot of their own.
  • Baby T got to plant the rosemary and she also got to do some watering.
  • I was very gratified that we managed to do the herb trip for D.
  • The way gardening works in our part of TX, you get a short spring growing season, a summer dead zone, and a short fall growing season.  We're at least a month late doing the herbs (and I fear the cilantro may die on us any minute), but I think we're going to get $12 worth of gardening out of this, especially if either the rosemary or the mint survives the winter.
  • C is determined that we have some herbs to add to our Christmas Eve fish.

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