Sunday, October 8, 2017

Birthday party

Baby T is barely a baby anymore, as we had her 5th birthday party yesterday.  (She needs a few more days to become officially 5.)  Here's some of what has been happening:

  • We invited three other families to an indoor bounce place for a small birthday party last night.  (The location was Baby T's idea--the guest list was my idea.)  There were 10 children total and 5 adults total.  We had pizza (the reliable cheese pizza and pepperoni pizza) and store cake (half chocolate, half white, with purple decorations), a large helium 5 balloon and a small My Little Pony balloon.  Some senior members of the group played Set while the little kids bounced.  (D both bounced and played Set.)
  • Baby T got a charming set of My Little Pony princesses from one set of friends (Princess Celestia, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence) and a fat Richard Scarry book from another set of friends.
  • At home, C gave her C's Hot Wheels car collection and Hot Wheels tracks (a princely gift, as my husband and I agreed) and we parents gave her a clear pink piggy bank and a new Play Doh press (to replace one that broke).  We will be giving more gifts later this week on her actual birthday--she's getting a sparkly mermaid tail plush blanket from Justice and a couple of small LEGO Star Wars sets (x-wings?).
  • D is in training for a 10k.
  • C is in training for the PSAT.  It's not the official one for her (that's next year), but it's a big deal.
  • C is starting to have dress-up school events, as she's now a 10th grader.  As her wardrobe lately mostly consists of a) school uniforms and b) t-shirts, some shopping was in order.  She and I and Baby T went to Old Navy Friday night and made a pretty good haul:  a couple nice tops, a white t-shirt to go under the tops, and a pair of black pants.
  •  C also wanted to know if I was going to follow up on an old promise of giving her some of my jewelry now that she is older.  C's ears are not pierced, so that excluded a bunch of stuff.  I gave her a bracelet, a Polish or Russian gold necklace (grandma?), and an amber necklace (Polish or Russian?) with lots of amber.  I also promised her my stash of amber earrings if she gets her ears pierced.

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