Saturday, September 9, 2017


Here's some of what's happening:

  • We went to a department potluck and Baby T got to see a classmate.  I had a couple of "small town is small!" chats with new people.  (It was mainly on the subject of how you keep bumping into the same people in our town and how the local glossy features people you know.)  The hosts had a big trampoline and a nice swing and D ran around madly with the little kids chasing him, executing amazing bullfighter style last-minute pivots to escape the little kids.  I also (much to D's relief) instituted a one-kid-only rule when the little kids started to swarm D.  There was also marshmallow roasting!  Baby T was probably one of the most socially benefited by the potluck, as her classmate and siblings were there, as was a family of old chums.  There are a lot of kids in the department around Baby T's age.  
  • D and his dad are working on assembling D's new IKEA wardrobe.  D's new room (Baby T's old room) has no closet, so he needed a wardrobe to keep his stuff that hangs.  This was not the cheapest available wardrobe, but I'm partial to the Hemnes solid pine line at IKEA, and I've been trying to move our family away from particle board furniture.  Plus, the solid pine is less fiddly to deal with than particle board when there are assembly issues--less crumbling to bits.  There's also a dresser for Baby T to assemble, but they may not get to that today.
  • I was working on organizing and decluttering Baby T's playroom with her earlier this week.  As I discovered, it's going to take several sessions with Baby T to do the whole thing.  However, I did manage to clean up Baby T's playdoh area (table, large bin, etc.).  Right now, she's playing with her awesome My Little Pony playdoh set and she's making manes and tails with a playdoh press. 
  • It's so pretty right now! 

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