Saturday, September 9, 2017

Fall II

It's been a very productive Saturday.

  • My husband and D assembled both the brown IKEA wardrobe for D and big white dresser for Baby T.  (D got paid for the dresser assembly, which took 2.5 hours.)
  • Basically, there was about 5 hours just of IKEA assembly today, with both my husband and D working the whole time.  Baby T came and helped with the dresser, and was actually rather helpful.
  • C got to go to her first riding lesson of the fall.
  • I moved D's clothes from Baby T's closet into his wardrobe and dresser.
  • Husband hung a sun/moon decoration up for Baby T.
  • C hung up Baby T's old My Little Pony wall decals and she and I hung up a Pokemon poster that C bought for Baby T a while back and has been saving for her.
  • D's old room/Baby T's new room has a castle photo mural and D left Baby T his old homemade wooden castle wall (it has hinges, so it can be folded up or made into a square).  The castle stuff combines pretty well thematically with Baby T's new purple princess tent and her My Little Ponies.  This room is not going to get us into the local glossy, but I think it's up to 4-year-old/5-year-old standards.
  • Husband and I also gave D some lighting help, as his room is a bit dim in the evening.
  • All in all, a strong team effort.  Here's what's left to do in those two rooms:  move Baby T's clothes out of master bedroom closet, replace window in D room (waiting for window people), buy D a blind (waiting for new window), and install a lower, reachable rod for Baby T's closet.
  • Down the road, we need to get Baby T an actual bed, mattress, and new bedding (her pick?)--probably in about a year.  We'll eventually (around 10?) need to get her a cork board, desk and bookcase, and possibly repaint, as it will be about time by then.  Basically, we'll just be doing a white version of D's room, with the furniture where D's furniture used to be.  

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