Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Room switch

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Yesterday, painters came and painted Baby T's old room Behr's Linen White (a very creamy white) for D.
  • We moved Baby T's mattress to C's room last night and they had a sleepover.  C says that when Baby T woke up in the morning, Baby T was babbling incessantly about Minecraft.
  • It was kind of up in the air when we'd start moving D's stuff into the freshly painted room (aBaby T's room) and Baby T's stuff into D's old room.  The master bedroom (which is fortunately a large room) was packed with Baby T's stuff.
  • Very happily, D, my husband and I were all inspired today and we got nearly all of D's stuff moved.  (We still need a new wardrobe for him, so his clothes are still in the closet in his old room.)
  • Baby T's room and bathroom have the basics, but we still need to go through her toys together.
  • I got her a sort of mini-papasan from the grocery store today--the cushion is a faux fur in minty green.  Baby T loves it.  (The big kids both have real, full-size papasans.)
  • I have a big to-do list, but we've definitely turned a corner on the room switch project.  The big thing is making inquiries about a window replacement (we realized that a little too late when we already had the painters coming), getting an IKEA wardrobe for D (to replace the lost closet), a blind for D, a couple more plastic baskets for Baby T's shelves, and (if the budget holds up), a new bed and dresser for Baby T, with possibly a new set of bedding.
  • D's new room is creamy white with a lot of brown black IKEA furniture, some cream and tan bedding, and some dusty robin's egg blue accents.  The creamy white walls in the new room goes better with the brown black furniture than the old robin's egg blue in the old room used to.
  • Baby T's new room is robin's egg blue with a wide white bookcase and the minty green faux fur mini-papasan.  She's got D's old castle photo mural on the wall.  Theoretically, we could get her a white IKEA bed, white IKEA dresser, stick up our old My Little Pony wall decals, and call it a day.     

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