Monday, July 31, 2017

Room Switch II

That was amazingly fast.  On Tuesday, painters painted D's new room (Baby T's old room) and on Wednesday, D and my husband and I (but mostly D) moved D's furniture and stuff into his new room.

The big issue right now is that before we make any further purchases, I need a quote from a window company for a window replacement.  Depending on how that goes, we will make our pilgrimage to IKEA and get some of the following:  wardrobe for D (a must--no closet), bed for Baby T and large dresser for Baby T.

Then we move D's clothes out of Baby T's closet and into D's wardrobe and Baby T's clothes out of my closet into her closet...

There's also a blind to buy.

But it's all very livable right now.

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