Friday, July 7, 2017


Here's some of what's going on:

  • We are gearing up for a room switch between D and Baby T (to provide Baby T an accessible bathroom).  I took ALL THREE KIDS to Home Depot to the paint department and I had D choose some whites/creams.  Then I obtained four paint samples, four little sponge brushes, and a 2'X2' square of dry wall to test paint colors on.  (On this outing, we also got a Toys R Us gift card for a chum of D and went grocery shopping.)
  • When I have a quiet hour, I need to paint the samples and check them against the existing trim in Baby T's room, D's furniture and his bedding, as well as checking if the colors look weird in Baby T's room.  Then, and only then, I should run it past D.  (The reason he is the last stop on the list is that he's color blind.)
  • I have literally never done this before to this level of detail.  The only "renovation" work we did on our house when we bought it four years ago was having the big kids' rooms painted (a buttery cream for C and a robin's egg blue for D), and even so, we went straight off the paper paint chips--we didn't do live testing of the colors.  (We were in a big hurry, but it worked out OK.)  

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