Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer PDO and swim class

Here's some of what's happening:

  • My husband and the two older kids just finished up their two weeks of class.  We were afflicted by a bug and my husband missed one day of class and C missed nearly an entire week.  So she wasn't able to do her programming class at all, and only one day of cooking class.  D, however, was able to do his cooking class (first ever for him) and is inspired.  He made some mini-cheesecakes (a very simple muffin cup recipe with a vanilla wafer at the bottom).  I'm lobbying for chocolate mini-cheesecakes some time.  D wants to do some more cooking projects.  Both kids got to do a sculpture class the first week and D got to do computer programming.
  • C has gotten a long reprieve from music practice because of illness, but got back to practice today and did a 30 minute lesson with D.  She's working on a Star Trek theme.  
  • Baby T is enjoying PDO.  It's a once-a-week summer program.  The drive is a bit longer than we're used to for PDO, but the schedule suits us.  
  • I also signed Baby T up for a two-week swim class that starts soon.  This will be her first swim class ever, and she's already started swimming a little, so this is very exciting!

Sunday, June 25, 2017


My husband has fulfilled a long-cherished dream of making racuchy (rah-tsoo-hee) just like grandma used to make.

Racuchy are a sort of Polish yeast (!) pancake.  They're cooked in oil and wind up looking like an extra-fat pancake, but with more heft and less sweetness.  The ones my husband made also contained a lot of diced apple (courtesy of the kids), with a dusting of powdered sugar on top.  My husband says that his grandma's version contained pork fat.

We had ours with raspberry jam, marmalade and maple syrup.  Husband thinks this is a barbarous idea, but it crossed my mind that bacon would be excellent on the side (apple smoked?).  Maybe ham?  I was also thinking sour cream.  As it turns out, my instincts for Slavic food combinations are sound--the Wikipedia article mentions people eating racuchy with sour cream or cream.  (This is probably a thinner version than the sour cream you get in the US.)

We eat nalesniki (nah-lesh-nee-kee) or Polish crepes pretty regularly, with a spiced sweet cheese filling (Baby T is passionate about the ricotta-based filling).  We haven't yet gotten around to it, but we are starting to think about doing savory fillings one of these days (maybe fried mushrooms?).  The big kids have been helping my husband a lot recently.

The big kids have been doing some classes the last two weeks.  They were signed up for the same schedule:  sculpture, game programming, and a cooking class.  D was able to take all of his courses.  This was D's first chance at taking the cooking class, with very gratifying results (he made us a set of mini-cheesecakes yesterday at home).  C, sadly, got just the sculpture class and then was sick for nearly all of the other two classes (4 days out of 5).

Baby T would love to take a cooking class.  

Saturday, June 17, 2017

D on Cheerios

D told Baby T:  You can just pretend that they're tiny donuts!