Sunday, March 12, 2017

More D's birthday

We had D's official 12th birthday yesterday.  My husband and the kids made an orange chocolate version of the incredibly fudgy Hershey cake.  I kind of prefer it in the only-chocolate version, but it is very good.  Husband also 3D printed a pixelly "Happy Birthday D" cake topper and a matching Minecraft creeper.  D got some Star Wars figures and a Megablock Star Trek Klingon bird of prey ship.

Quite the birthday week, all in all.

We've also done a lot of trip planning for our summer trip to WA to see family.  We're ALL going this time, which will be the first time we've ever ALL five gotten on a plane together.  We're planning to get hotels and rent a minivan, which should maximize our freedom, sightseeing, and general efficiency.

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