Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Help for duck foot

We have a lot of duck foot in the family and I've been having the worst time finding summer shoes for Baby T (when we were in the Skechers store, I'm pretty sure she was registering EE on their foot measuring device).  All those cute little ballet flats are way too narrow for Baby T.  Crocs work well (they're very wide in the toes), but you don't want to wear Crocs everywhere.

I've been wanting a slip on canvas summer shoe for Baby T and not finding it anywhere--not Old Navy, Skechers, or GAP.  The shoes she was trying on were winding up way too long length-wise, but also too narrow!

We had a very lucky find at Carter's today.  Their Mary Janes seem to be just about right.  We looked at a denim-and-white canvas Mary Jane with a velcro strap and a sparkly navy canvas Mary Jane with an elastic strap and ultimately went with the second pair, although both fit fine.  We were both very pleased.  Baby T wore the new shoes home and is talking about showing them to C.  I'm not sure exactly what Baby T is wearing for Easter, but these should work.

Baby T will be wearing Mary Janes as part of her uniform when she starts pre-k, so fingers crossed that the Landsend Mary Janes will serve her as well as they served C when she was that age.

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