Friday, March 3, 2017


Here's some of what happened today:

  • Baby T and I picked up D's birthday cake from the store (German chocolate--D's favorite).
  • I loaded up the car with ukulele club stuff (six ukuleles with cases and tuners, probably five books, etc.) and Baby T.  I dropped Baby T off with husband (they do lunch together on these occasions) and zipped over to school.  We had solid turnout (six girls in addition to C) and several girls learned how to play Frere Jacques.  They were very pleased with themselves.  This is the first actual song that they have ever done at ukulele club.  This is very exciting.
  • I returned to pick up my husband and Baby T.  My husband was fortunately free to help set up for D's birthday party.  (The actual b-day is later, but we're running up against spring break.)
  • We had six boys come (four classmates and two younger family friends).  My husband ran some NERF battles with the kids (six guests plus C and D).  I directed new arrivals to the NERF battle zone and then Baby T and I went home to set the table and await the pizzas.
  • We had two meatless and two vegetarian pizzas (the mushroom one was very good), baby carrots and grapes and then the German chocolate cake.  Miraculously, everybody was willing to eat the cake.
  • And then the boys got to do the zipline and D bowed to public opinion and opened gifts.
  • D and I even managed to do our thank you notes.
  • So tired!

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