Saturday, February 4, 2017

February ukulele club

C and I did our February ukulele club meeting.  It was going to be outside, but it was so chilly that we wimped out and C begged us some space in the school library.  It's really nice in the library, but probably not going to be a routine thing.  There were only two other girls plus C, but I thought they did some good work.

C asked me to tune up the ukuleles while she made inquiries about the library and I turned a gear, turned a gear, turned a gear until PING I broke the string.  Oops!  Apparently, I needed to turn the gear in the other direction...I've ordered a new set of strings.  (That set was four months old, so it was about time.)

C is also getting ready for a school fine arts night.

She's kind of between books right now (having just wrapped up From Lute to Uke), but we're hoping her teacher is able to find some Star Trek theme music for her.  If that's not possible, I have the following books available:

There are a number of pieces from the Jewish Songs book on youtube.  They have a very interesting sound.  Sarek, the arranger, isn't a ukulele virtuoso, though, so while they get the idea across, he's not a very polished performer.

I've listened to quite a number of the 20 Spanish Baroque Pieces on youtube and they are absolutely exquisite.  Here's a clip of the arranger (Rob MacKillop) performing one.  I'd really like C to try to get a handle of the campanella technique, which produces a harp-like effect.

The 101 Licks book covers blues (it's actually mostly blues), country, bluegrass, and rock.  I think it might provide C a nice bag of tricks for use in her school instrumental music class.  

C also has a Star Wars theme music book she hasn't worked with much yet.

It is usually kind of tricky getting C into a new book.  It is a pretty big commitment, after all--she spent about half a year working through the Lute to Uke book.  

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