Friday, November 25, 2016

Pie clarification

My husband and D made the pecan pie.

Thanksgiving break

It's a bit of a blur, but here's what's been happening:

  • The big kids got a week off of school.
  • My husband took them to see Fantastic Beasts at the downtown theater.
  • Baby T and I sifted her toys in her bedroom, playroom and the living room.  In fact, all of her toys are now gone from the living room...
  • D and I sifted and (lightly) reorganized his bedroom and bathroom. 
  • I made a streamlined (but fairly traditional) Thanksgiving dinner: rotisserie turkey breast, box cornbread stuffing, from scratch cranberry sauce (the recipe on the bag), from scratch sweet potatoes, a store walnut apple pie, and a semi-homemade pecan pie (Pillsbury crust and scavenged pecans).  
  • My husband persuaded Baby T that the train set is not scary.  The lighthouse with foghorn had really spooked her about the whole set.
  • C has been working on her school projects and doing music practice.
  • Her teacher has been encouraging her to work toward performing at the Waxahachie renaissance fair.  Squee!  Her teacher thinks that both the Lute to Uke pieces and the 20 Spanish Baroque Pieces by Gaspar Sanz would work well for Scarborough Renaissance Festival.
  • Coincidentally, I've discovered that there is a lute-shaped ukulele (the 4-course lute or mandora) that is available not very expensively (considering that it's a pretty exotic item).  I've also discovered that Fiddler's Green in Austin has something similar.  This is early days, but it's now on my radar.  This guy is very good.  
  • We've been watching Fellowship of the Ring (with and without Baby T as appropriate).  
  • C and I are at least half-way through working on her room.  I'd really like to knock it out over Thanksgiving break, but it probably is at least two hours work and we only have tomorrow to work.

Monday, November 14, 2016

My Little Pony

A pack of My Little Pony wall decals arrived today for Baby T.  After school, I offered C the opportunity to stick them up.  She accepted gladly, and after some creative disagreements with Baby T (Baby T wanted ALL of them on one wall), the wall decals were stuck up in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  The big surprise was that (along with the more obvious ponies), the package included an exquisite Princess Celestia and Spike the dragon.  C did a great job and it looks AMAZING.


Sunday, November 13, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • We've finally got recognizable fall weather.  We had the air conditioning (slightly) until around Halloween.
  • Baby Girl is really cashing in on potty prizes of late (cheap grocery store kid DVDs have been very motivating), but I'd say she's no more than about 65% potty trained at this point.  I'm afraid the next step is trying cotton underpants again.  *shudder* Ideally, we'll be putting this all behind us by Christmas or New Years.
  • C is at the very end of her From Lute to Uke book--that's the good news.  The bad news is that the songs at the end of the book are really hard, so it's slow going.  Once she finishes that book, we've talked about having her learn the Concerning Hobbits and the LOTR Rohan theme, which are very pretty on ukulele.  (No link for Concerning Hobbits, as I feel like the youtubers are slightly flubbing it.)
  • C is also planning on playing the "Bear Dance" from the From Lute to Uke book for an in-school school "coffee house", which will be very nice. 
  • I'm not sure what book she will work from next, although my vote would be for 20 Spanish Baroque Pieces by Gaspar Sanz Arranged for Uke.  I'm a big fan of the style.  Here's an example.
  • D is prepping for a bouldering competition.
  • Thanksgiving is coming!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

More PDO!

We just got our second day of PDO from the good program.

Because of her birthday being just days past their cut-off, she's one of the oldest kids in the class.  It's also a 3-year-old class, so it's a very chill environment.

But it's what I wanted--a real preschool environment, not some sort of pre-kindergarten cram school, which is what the other PDO was.