Friday, October 14, 2016

Ukulele Club!

C ran her October meeting of Ukulele Club today, having flyered earlier this week.  I brought five ukuleles in cases, four electronic tuners, three copies of Hal Leonard's Ukulele Method Book 1, From Lute to Uke and handouts.  The returning students were starting to use the tuners and look at the books by themselves.  We had six attendees total (C, three beginners and two self-described "ultra beginners") and then I think two who came in at the very end just as we were starting to pack up.  I believe our youngest two attendees were 8th graders and there was also an enthusiastic senior who wants to learn Hey, Soul Sister (an actual ukulele song, apparently!).    

Our first meeting in September was a little ragged (and HOT!) with people coming and going, but I really felt like things were gelling today.  Three students brought their own ukuleles, which shows a lot of commitment, and it looks like they've been working on their own.  I also was impressed by the fact that those three had technical questions and was thrilled that C was able to answer all of them.  The main problem was that there's only one C and there were at least two levels of beginner, so she was shuttling back and forth between the two groups.

Although we only get about 20 minutes of actual meeting time with these lunch meetings, I was really impressed with the amount of ground covered today.  I feel like the beginners are very close to the point where they'll be able to teach other people.

The current plan is to do another lunch meeting in November and then (if possible) try to do a longer after-school meeting in December to learn carols.    We'll also probably do just one meeting a month this year.

Next year, there are two things that would be nice to introduce:  twice a month meetings and an official organizational structure.  It would be nice for C to be able to share organizational responsibility with at least one other fellow student.

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