Sunday, September 4, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T was all dry at PDO her second day of class, but her teachers took her all the time to make that happen. 
  • She's been going spontaneously herself with us 2 or 3 times a day.
  • We're trying to start a ukulele club at school--C has gotten a lot of in person interest, but we haven't gotten any email responses to the email address I put up on a flyer.  I was hoping to get some info about number, level of skill and interest, and thoughts about times.  Next step--schedule a meeting, advertise it, and see if anybody shows up.  I've suggested that if that is a flop, that our next step would be waiting until Christmas time and doing a Christmas carol learning event.
  • C is about halfway through her Wilton Level 2 cake decorating course.  The Level 1 is bake-bake-bake-bake and bring in stuff to decorate, but the Level 2 involves a lot more technical practice without baked goods.  C is now interested in doing Level 3 next summer.
  • These cake decorating courses are very intensive in terms of commitment, so we find that a single one wipes us out.  The current one is an 8 hour course that meets for 2 hours a week for four weeks, and there's a lot of work involved in shopping and packing for the class, doing the class, and then unpacking and cleaning up after the class.
  • We had some leftover royal icing from last week, so I bought some Pillsbury sugar cookies and baked them yesterday.  The kids (including Baby T) decorated them.
  •  D is resting his hand after an injury while rock climbing.
  • C has gotten into student government in a small way.
  • We are starting to plan a trip to Great Wolf Lodge near Dallas to celebrate T's 4th birthday.
  • I've started collecting a few gifts for Baby T, although I screwed up and let her open an Amazon box that contained some gifts.   

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