Sunday, September 18, 2016

PDO blues

Here's some of what's happening:

  • PDO is kind of a pain right now.  They have homework and it's very school-ish and Baby T doesn't really seem to like it.  She's one of the three youngest children in the pre-k PDO class.
  • Baby T has been going to this program for the last two years, but I really don't like the pre-k class at all.  
  • I'm planning our escape.  Possible options:  move back to the 3-year-old room (if there's space and if they'll let us), pay a sitter (expensive and inconvenient and not a classroom experience and probably not what Baby T needs right now) or do a different PDO.  I have found a different program where Baby T would be in the 3-year-old room because of their age cut-offs, so she'd be one of the oldest kids in the group.  But it's a slightly longer drive and a slightly shorter day--but it might be a lot better. 
  • C has been teaching D ukulele and he's making progress.  I've been paying both of them a little to make that attractive, as I want C to have teaching practice before our next ukulele club meeting.

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