Sunday, September 25, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • I've completed our escape from the old PDO.  There was a space in the 3-year-old room in a friend's kid's PDO program and we took it, walking away from two weeks of paid-up PDO in the other program.  The old 4-year-old program was just too hard, both for Baby T and me--so much gotta do this, gotta do that, so little fun, and Baby T isn't even 4 yet.  They had weekly homework and a book log in a two-day-a-week program that is theoretically supposed to be mainly about giving parents a breather.
  • Baby T was in the old program only three weeks this term, after missing the first week due to illness.  Despite having gone to this PDO program for two years and adapting easily to her previous two classrooms, she never warmed up to the 4-year-old room, and it was often hard to coax her into the classroom.  Not unrelated--they didn't have free play at the start of the day.  The kids were supposed to write their names (Baby T could only manage a T) and then do a picture suggested by a prompt.  Baby T just scribbled.
  • Talking to the old teacher just made me feel bad, pretty much every single time.
  • Plus, because of Baby T's birthday, she's doing pre-k again next year anyway--she'll be doing a nearly full day at the big kids' private school three days a week.  
  • Baby T's new 3-year-old program has free play first thing in the morning.  They have toys out, including a really enticing LEGO setup.  (At the old PDO program, Baby T had been asking me where the toys were.  GAH!)  I am happy to hear from D that the pre-k classroom that Baby T is going to next year has a lot of toys.    
  • One of the big issues with the old program was potty training--we've been working hard for the past month or so and Baby T has made a lot of progress, but she is only about 50% of the way there.  It was very disheartening to be working so hard on the potty training and getting put on the naughty chair by the teacher from the old program anyway.  It's early days, but it's so much nicer to have her be one of the oldest children in the 3-year-old room rather than one of the youngest in the 4-year-old room.  I think Baby T is going to finish potty training by Christmas, but it's going to be on her time.      

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