Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Foiled again!

I took Baby T to Barnes and Noble.  We picked out a couple of nice potty prizes (a Doc McStuffins activity book and a Hank the octopus bath toy), a magazine for me and had a snack/lunch in the cafe.  (The Barnes and Noble membership card is well worth having, by the way.)  We got back in the minivan and I had every intention of going grocery shopping (the lunch/snack had been to facilitate good decision-making while shopping).  After I parked at the big grocery store, I discovered Baby T was fast asleep in her carseat.  So, I had to give up on the grocery shopping, but I drove us home, got her out of the carseat, and was able to set her up on a mat in the living room.  She seems to be having a good snooze.

Baby T is not officially napping these days, but she does nod off like this in the car probably once a week.  I've given up on her napping at home, but I think she has a nap/quiet time at parents' day out.

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