Sunday, August 28, 2016

Round up

Here's some of the stuff that's happened in the last week:

  • Baby Girl had hand foot and mouth and missed the first week of the new term of parents' day out.
  • Theoretically, she's supposed to be in cotton underpants for her pre-K PDO class Tuesday.  Funny!  (I do have a nice bribe stash, though, and we're working on it, but she's only been in cotton underpants twice.)
  • C and D had their first week of school (that was OK, but a lot of scurrying--it took three days to get the carpool straightened out, and I'm not sure it is yet). 
  • The fridge door is wonky and we had an appliance guy in.  They've ordered the parts and we're waiting to hear from them.  
  •  My husband was away for two nights.
  • Just before he returned, I discovered that the kitchen sink was leaking and that a small puddle had been collecting under the sink and that's why the area smelled mushroom-y.  My husband got the leak to stop and then put cat litter under the sink--we have no cat, but a big bag from a previous project.  It looks like it's going to be a household maintenance staple from now on.
  • On a happier note, C's pink cupcake project turned out exquisitely.  The white-on-white cherry blossom ones with white sprinkles looked very fancy, as did the fondant cherry blossoms brushed with diluted pink dye and the gold sprinkles.  So pretty!  The white-on-white ones would be amazing for a wedding.  
  • Baby Girl is working on a Kumon upper case letter book.  Her tracing skills have really come along the past few months.  
So, things are improving, but I can't wait until the mushroom-y smell in the kitchen goes away.  

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