Saturday, August 13, 2016

Austin Ukulele Society

Here's what's been happening:

  • On Thursday the five of us made a long-awaited day trip to the Austin Ukulele Society.  
  • We stopped on the way at a large suburban indoor play gym with adult-sized habitrails, an arcade and surprisingly good food (fantastic fries and very good quesadillas).
  • My husband dropped me and C off at the AUS meeting site in Austin and the rest of the family (husband, D and Baby T) went off to play at the playground near the Thinkery.
  • A caution about the meeting--we arrived right as the meeting was starting and almost didn't manage to get chairs.
  • They opened with playing and singing Bob Marley's Three Little Birds and then there was a tutorial on how to play Elton John's Rocket Man.  Then they had open mike and finished with On the Road Again.
  • The open mike performances were very impressive:  there was a teenage virtuoso, a guy simultaneously playing the kazoo (he makes and sells kazoos) and the ukulele while singing St. James Infirmary Blues, a woman playing and singing City of New Orleans (which eventually turned into a sing along), and a couple of groups from Kevin Carroll's Austin ukulele school
  • I have a lot of interest in Kevin Carroll's school for C, as they have both weekly lessons (a bit too far for us) but also weekend workshops (which is more manageable).        
  • C had a very good time and really would have liked to do the open mike if she could have gotten on.  I asked her what she liked and she said she liked playing with other people.
  • We were in a back row, but it is a very interesting feeling sitting in the middle of all of these vibrating strings. 
  • Oh, and AUS has beautiful t-shirts.
  • They have at least several other children coming to the group, including the teen virtuoso.
  • For our geography, the AUS meeting date of every second Thursday 7-8:30 PM is kind of awkward during the school year, but we should be able to come again at least next summer.  My husband was thinking that in future he could take the younger kids to a movie.

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