Monday, July 11, 2016

Zoo/Preschool KonMari

Here's some stuff I forgot to mention:

  • At the zoo, Baby T spent a long, long time in the playground and water play area.
  • Baby T was excited by the tropical fish area with Dory!!!!! and Nemo!!!!!  The zoo has very showy large blue tangs and clownfish in the aquarium--Petco's clownfish are much smaller.
  • Baby T has been doing a preschool version of KonMari with me.  What started this was Baby T herself emptying her room of all of its books and at least 3/4 of the toys, creating a huge heap out in the hall.  A week or two later we sifted her playroom and bedroom together but we still have a box or two in the living room to do (I persuaded her to take back much of the stuff in the heap in the hall, once she thought about it item by item).  The playroom is a big mess, largely due to Baby T's newfound love of Play Doh (she now owns at least a hundred separate items in the Play Doh center), but I've talked to her about just about everything in the room, and what's there obviously "sparks joy" so, it's staying.  I do have a large laundry basket full of rejected items, though.  Large noisy Little People play sets were especially hard hit in the purge, as were unloved stuffed animals and an old LEGO musical toy where you plug in different plugs and tap out tunes.      
  • When we were working, I was offering her three options:  bedroom, playroom or give away.  
  • While writing this, I took a peek in the discard basket, which agitated Baby T.  She said something like, "We're giving that away!!!!" 

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