Monday, July 11, 2016

We fed the giraffe

Baby T and I both got a turn feeding the giraffe at the zoo today for the first time!

There was a group of zoo campers doing it, and as they had some leftover lettuce (?) they let non-campers feed the giraffe, too.  Initially, Baby T wanted me to feed the giraffe, which I did (while holding her).  Then after we'd walked away, she decided she wanted to, too, and fortunately it was still possible.  Baby T handed it to the giraffe but dropped the lettuce during the handover, as when the giraffe was corkscrewing its tongue round the lettuce (and that's totally what they do--their tongues are amazing), the tongue touched her.  But she made the pass successfully on the second try.

Baby T was very pleased with her bravery.  As we were walking away, she said "I'm bigger!"

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