Saturday, July 9, 2016

The futility of blue and yellow play doh

At Baby T's request, I got out some new play doh from the closet.  It was two cans--one dark blue and one bright yellow.  So, this was perfect for making Dory.

We went downstairs and Baby T started working on her play doh.  I looked over in a bit and found that she had already started blending the blue and the yellow.  I had a few words with Baby T and mixed it into a consistent turquoise for her.  She then asked me to turn it into a different color.  I told her that green was all I could do.  I also told her that there aren't any more cans of new play doh left.

I think I'll let sink in for a bit.

But I am planning to eventually get her sparkly play doh.  She is playing a lot with her play doh--probably literally hours a day.

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selfanalyst said...

Time to teach her about color! My kids loved the book "Mouse Paint", by Ellen Stoll Walsh