Sunday, July 24, 2016

He's back!

My husband is back after a business trip to the far north.  He left the day after C's birthday, so I just wasn't thinking past the birthday.  Some discoveries:

  • I'd better have a plan for any future summer business trips, because the kids' disparate sizes and interests, the awful heat outside, etc., having 5 days of nothing planned is a mistake.  We needed more exercise and intellectual life for the kids, more of a schedule.  (I hadn't run into this before, because normally when my husband is on the road, we have school or it's not so hot.)
  • C did work for a friend hanging pictures and D and Baby T had some water play there, too.  (Baby T's diaper was MASSIVE by the end of it.)
  • I think Baby T didn't do too badly, but she had parents' day out.  She did so much Play Doh, so much paper snipping and so much painting.
  • Also, just running house things by myself and managing Baby T consumes a lot of my bandwidth.
  • C is able to use the elliptical machine--she did that at least once.  D has been trying our recumbent bike.
  • C also did six days in a row of ukulele practice and a little playing today.  C normally does 4-6 practices a week, but six in a row is very unusual.  
  • So, now that I write this stuff out, a lot of stuff happened, but it didn't really fill the days up.
  • Also, there was a lot of Star Trek watching.  


Elspeth said...

Yes, you need a good plan when the bringer of the fun is going to be away for a while.

xantippe said...

School is starting real soooooon.

Baby T, unfortunately, has some mystery spots on her feet and upper thighs and it's the weekend. I'm planning on taking her to the doctor sometime Monday, but in the meantime I can't really take her anywhere in good conscience. No fever, though.

Meanwhile, she's continuing to loot my kitchen--ziploc bags, glad wrap, etc.

She's pretty happy, though.