Thursday, July 21, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • C is 14 as of this week!  So big!
  • We had a skate/laser tag party for her and invited all the girls from her (small) class.  There were a lot of people traveling but we invited some younger siblings and wound up with a party of (I think) 13 children, including our 3.
  • C got quite a haul of Barnes & Noble cards.  I'm going to take her to the store real soon...
  • We got her a manual for a Klingon war ship (she was so excited!), one of those little Star Wars cartoon books depicting the characters as kids, a cake decorating book (which was the subject of some angst), an MP3 player (which turned out to get really hot when plugged into the computer--so we're getting a more expensive one), and what turned out to be a badly done knockoff Deep Space 9 t-shirt.  Grandma and grandpa got her nice scissors and a large swim torpedo for the pool.  I also got her sushi from the grocery store on her actual b-day and a My Little Pony mylar balloon.  My husband also baked and frosted a minty version of the Hershey's two-layer cake recipe with mini York patties in between the layers.   
  • My husband will transfer some of her on-CD songs to the new MP3 player when we get it.  We are also going to give C $20 in credit to buy songs.
  • C also finished reading War and Peace.
  • She has also been enjoying Pokemon Go.
  • Baby T drew a spider!  She has been enjoying water colors a lot!
  • No camp this week.

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