Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yet more play doh

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We're having a couple of weeks with no camp.  We don't have a very tight schedule this summer.
  • I'm not quite done booking all of the kids activities for the summer, but I'm pretty close.
  • Baby T had a water play day at parents' day out, but they've decided not to do more, as one of the kids got repeatedly bitten by fire ants.  OUCH!  
  • C has been doing SAT practice tests.
  • D's swimming is suddenly very impressive.  He is swimming long distances (just like his daddy).
  • D's injured climbing hand is on the mend and he is cautiously getting back into climbing.
  • C has recently been doing Disney DDR.
  • We have booked C's birthday party for July.
  • Baby T continues to be into youtube play doh (!) videos.
  • I recently had a birthday, and as my gift to me, I ordered a couple books about Alaska cruises.  C and I will almost certainly be able to go in 1-3 years (C would be doing a ukulele program), and I hope we would also be able to take D.  I bet Baby T will also want to go, too...I've been encouraging the extended family to think about it, because it could be a lot of fun as an extended family trip, and we've never done anything like it.   

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