Saturday, June 18, 2016

Uke Club!

We have the green light from school and have approval and a faculty adviser for the ukulele club that C has been hoping to start at school.  Here's what's going on:

  • We've got half a dozen ukuleles and I believe that many cases (gotta check).
  • We've got around half a dozen clip-on tuners (thanks to a generous donor!).
  • C has the teacher edition of 21 Songs in 6 Days, which is meant to be used teaching 4th-8th graders to play the ukulele.  It has an online video component to supplement in-person teaching.  We still need see if this is the right book.  If it is, we'll get another five or six copies of the student edition.
  • I may also get a book of Christmas songs from the same author for the holiday season.  
  • C has had a few goes at teaching D a little ukulele.  It was a little rough the first one or two times, but he seems more positive about it now and is making progress.  (I pay C $2 per 15 minute lesson.)  I've told C that she can teach Baby T next year when Baby T will be 4.5.  C has been burning to give Baby T a ukulele for some time.  I haven't let her yet, though, as Baby T is still only 3.5 now.
  • We're going to be aiming at a once a month ukulele club meeting for this coming school year, as C will just be starting high school, so she may need a lot more time for school work than she has this year.  If that goes well and if C is still interested, we can bump that up to twice a month.  (Weekly seems like too big a commitment for everybody--C will also have her own weekly lesson, an instrumental music class, and practice at home--so much music!)
  • I'm also really interested to see how the instrumental music class goes for C.  I get the feeling that she's really interested in the idea of having people to play with.      

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