Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • C tried out a mandolin at Guitar Center this week--four courses of double strings.  It sounded FABULOUS.  C is somewhat interested in mandolin lessons--I suggested maybe next summer?  By that time she'll have had a lot of experience playing in the instrumental music class at school.  She says she wants to get better at ukulele--I told her she should be lots better in a year.   
  • We went to the children's museum this morning with friends and had a very nice lunch at the college cafeteria.
  • We also got back our KIA minivan from the dealership after some recall repairs.  We're starting to be able to write a book (or at least a long article) on KIA's customer service and mechanical sins.  Example:  we asked them to give an estimate for repairs for some door issues.  They told us that the diagnostics they need to do to give an estimate would cost $120...We don't think our next minivan will be a KIA.
  • C did a double ukulele practice today.
  • Baby T has been purging her room of unloved toys.  There was a huge pile outside her room this morning.  One of her organizing principles is apparently that if a stuffed animal has no name, it has to go.
  • I have been reading my Alaska cruise guidebooks.  Sounds fun!      

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