Thursday, May 26, 2016

End of year

Here's some of what's happening:

  • This is the last week of school!  So many half-days!
  • Baby T's parents'-day-out class had an end-of-term party today.  I came in to pick Baby T up early (as they often don't nap on party days), and I found her up, the lights off, and her PDO class mostly bouncing around in the dark.  Her teachers had a gift bucket for each child with bubbles and similar.  Awww!  She was blowing bubbles from our upstairs balcony at home this afternoon.  
  • We've been having thunderstorms and violent rain.
  • I just had a little misunderstanding with Baby T.  I thought she was asking for an "antelope" and obligingly showed her antelope on Google images.  But she was actually asking for an "envelope."  Oops!
  • I got C Ukulele Aerobics last week, as she was interested, and her teacher had just bought it.  It has a set of 40 weeks of exercises (I think), with a different exercise for every day.  She has been using it. 
  • D was sweating over a final project where he retold the story of St. George and the Dragon with words and illustrations.  All done now!

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