Tuesday, April 26, 2016


C is finishing up her Easy Classical Ukulele Solos book.  C is very into classical music for the ukulele and appreciates the difficulty of the pieces.  At her last ukulele lesson, we discussed her next move with her teacher, and both C and her ukulele teacher seemed very excited about the book From Lute to Uke (which is Renaissance lute music adapted for use on the ukulele), so I've ordered that.  For the long-term, there's talk of moving forward chronologically.  That will hopefully eventually include Rob MacKillop's amazing adaptations of Baroque Spanish music for the ukulele.  Here is RM playing one of his Spanish Baroque pieces.  If classical ukulele continues to be C's thing, there are a number of books available to work with.  

As we will be visiting family in about a month, I am also encouraging C to spend the month of May working on some gospel and country western pieces.

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