Tuesday, April 26, 2016


C is finishing up her Easy Classical Ukulele Solos book.  C is very into classical music for the ukulele and appreciates the difficulty of the pieces.  At her last ukulele lesson, we discussed her next move with her teacher, and both C and her ukulele teacher seemed very excited about the book From Lute to Uke (which is Renaissance lute music adapted for use on the ukulele), so I've ordered that.  For the long-term, there's talk of moving forward chronologically.  That will hopefully eventually include Rob MacKillop's amazing adaptations of Baroque Spanish music for the ukulele.  Here is RM playing one of his Spanish Baroque pieces.  If classical ukulele continues to be C's thing, there are a number of books available to work with.  

As we will be visiting family in about a month, I am also encouraging C to spend the month of May working on some gospel and country western pieces.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Baby T talking about D

Baby T was just musing to herself about D's color perception (D is color-blind).  She was saying something about how he sees blue but something else looks white to him.

This is 3.5, people.

Baby T wants a computer

Baby T wants a computer.  It needs the following features:

  • pink
  • smaller
  • has Hello Kitty on it
  • has games
  • has Minecraft
  • she can use it to draw unicorns
  • it needs to be in the kitchen
  • it needs to have buttons with words and also numbers
"It's going to be my computer," she says.

It's not just the computer.  Baby T also wants the booster seat with Hello Kitty on it.  I have actually promised to get it for her for when she turns 4.  

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Baby T packs lunch

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T packed her own lunch this morning for preschool:  a yogurt, goldfish, and a mandarin orange.  She did forget to pack a spoon, but she's only 3.5...
  • So much rain!
  • C went to a junior high dance and liked it.  There was some back and forth because first she wanted to go, then she didn't (because dancing), but then she heard that there wouldn't be much dancing at the dance and decided to go.  There did turn out to be a lot of dancing at the dance (and a kid dressed up as a panda), but C had a good time.  (One of her friends taught her a little waltz.)
  • D did an indoor climbing competition this past weekend.  It was HARD, even though he was in the kids' division.  10 and 11-year-old Austinite climbers are an impressive bunch, especially the ones that are on an actual team with an actual coach.  But D did improve.  
  • C likes Water Music on the ukulele--she feels like it uses the capabilities of the ukulele very nicely. 
  • We've got about 6 more weeks of school.  Sooooon.
  • I have an actual yoga mat now and I continue to do yoga with C from time to time.  

Friday, April 8, 2016


Baby T is having a piece of sushi because she noticed the big kids were excited about having it for dinner.  She wants it cleaned and thinks it's cold.  Basically, Baby T doesn't get the concept.