Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • D is 11 now!
  • We did his birthday party at a gymnastics place.  They were a little amateurish (come on people--if you're serving ice cream, have spoons!) but it's a very nice facility and the boys had a great time.  We had 11 kids total, including our own--a little light considering how many we invited, but a lot of people were out of town.
  • Our main gift to D was a climbing rope for the backyard (my husband found a suitable tree).  He can climb using just his arms--no legs.
  • C had five teeth out (a sideways 12-year molar and all four wisdom teeth).  It took a week to recover to 95%.  Bummer.  She's finally back to ukulele practice, though.
  • The surgery also really interfered with her senior trip savings (she needs to save nearly $80 every month for the next four years), as she wasn't able to work as consistently as she normally would.  We've told her that we will refigure her savings number at the end of the month.  (Normally, she only gets to have as spending money anything over her monthly savings target--she's managed that for several months now.)      
  • Baby T packed her lunch for parents' day out!  And she did a good job!
  • I got Baby T a Kumon My First Book of Tracing book.  She's done the whole thing with occasional help.  The book is listed as for ages 2-4, but I think they're nuts about the 2--the complicated tracings are far too difficult for an average 2 year old.  I suggest sticking to the middle of the Kumon age ranges for safety.  
  • There's another tracing book in the series, but we'll probably wait on getting it for a month or two.  The Kumon easy mazes book will also probably be good in a month or two.  
  • Baby T is at a very artsy-craftsy stage right now.  She enjoys scissors, tape, markers, dry erase books, and chalk, with occasional forays into using wax paper and aluminum foil.  Our newish big dining room table is perfect for these large projects.    
  • By the way, I have to put a plug in here for dry erase books.  For preschoolers, they offer a lot of bang for your buck.  Kid isn't good at tracing yet?  Just wipe it off and try next week.  We have a couple of old ones, I just got a new one, and I'm expecting a shape tracing one in the mail soon, which is probably the most age-appropriate of any we have.  But Baby T can just draw in the dry erase books without me thinking, "That's a $7.95 Kumon workbook, baby girl.  Use it right!"  
  • Yesterday, we found a $6.99 My Little Pony toddler umbrella for Baby T.  She carried it around half the day yesterday.

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