Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

I saw an extremely enticing store display a few days ago and wound up coming home with a heart-shaped foil baking pan, a box of Ghirardelli brownies, and a FREE tub of dark chocolate icing (thanks to a coupon on the display).

Baby T was interested in helping, so I set up the brownie ingredients for her to assist.  She came along while I was busy setting up and dumped the oil into the brownies without being asked.  Attagirl!  I think I also had her dump in the water.  She grabbed the egg, too, but I was able to get it away from her.  We mixed up the brownie batter, poured it into the heart pan, baked it and cooled it.

After Baby T had a nap and then dinner, we frosted the brownies with the dark chocolate icing.  I also had a tube of white Wilton's icing, and I drew a small heart inside a bigger heart with the tube.

Then I gave Baby T the rest of the icing on a sheet of waxed paper and provided her a spatula and a plastic spoon and knife.  She had a glorious time.

This was all pretty basic, but it's the first time I've cooked at all with Baby T.  (My husband has already done so a couple times.)    

Everybody says that the heart brownie is delicious.  

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