Monday, January 18, 2016

Potty training?

Baby T has been informed that once she uses the potty all the time, she gets all the things.  Here is a rough list of the stuff she has been promised:

--a new pink Little People plastic doll house (we used to have one, but it had an unfortunate accident)
--a Melissa and Doug ice cream play set
--some odds and ends I have been pulling out to entice her with (including a couple of new My Little Ponies)
--a Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing set

Baby T has been talking excitedly about getting the ice cream set and having a PARTY for her My Little Ponies.

Has this translated into actual potty use?  Not yet, but she likes the idea.

I have a number of small items (key chain and stickers and small finger puppets) that I can dole out as soon as there is any progress, but the big items (doll house and ice cream set) will have to wait until there is consistent performance.

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