Wednesday, January 27, 2016

End of January

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T has been enjoying her mini-markers, scissors, construction paper, glue stick and Kumon cutting book.  I'm thinking of picking up another Kumon workbook, as they have lots of nice cutting, pasting and stickering workbooks for the preschool set.
  • D has been a little under the weather.
  • C is working on her snippet of the 1812 Overture and playing In the Hall of the Mountain King.
  • C is interested in doing an open mike at a tea place in town.  She really likes performing.
  • C and I are also in talks about doing an Alaska ukulele cruise in 2-3 years.  They also do these things to the Caribbean and Hawaii, but an Alaska cruise would be most convenient for us, as we are in and out of Seattle anyway about once a year.  It's a sort of floating workshop/small festival, combined with the usual cruise stuff.  


Sarah said...

What Kumon coloring workbook would you recommend? Mariette and I have been working on Kumon's "Amazing Tracing", but today she just got frustrated and threw it across the table. Maybe some directed coloring to work on her pincer grip would be a step in the right direction...!

xantippe said...

I'm finding that it's a little too early for Baby T to do the recommended activities. She's mostly been just haphazardly cutting stuff up, but her scissoring skills have really come along the last couple weeks. I'll probably wait a few more months before pulling out the tracing book I have.

I like the number games books a lot for older 3/younger 4 year olds. And I really like their money counting workbooks. I remember C doing a lot of maze books as a preschooler.

There are some nice (non-Kumon) dry erase preschool workbooks out there, come to think of it.

I do find that the age range that Kumon gives on their workbooks is sometimes a little too optimistic, especially for the stuff that is largely fine motor. I would aim for the middle age given.

Sarah said...

The big kids do tons of Kumon workbooks (except for Prudence who is too big!) and I do love them, but finding something for the young three-year-old has always been tough. Mariette definitely couldn't do the scissors books. I actually don't like dry-erase books since it makes a big mess (I'm not always paying attention to what is going on!). The "Amazing Tracing" book is getting better for her, but we do only one page a day and it takes a lot of praise! She did finish "Easy Mazes" in one day! She's definitely not ready for number games or alphabet books. I'm going to see if I can find a sticker-book alphabet book... which may be fun and educational!

xantippe said...

Baby T has been enjoying combining watching her Leapfrog letter and phonics videos with using her magnetic letters. (They're kept on a metal cookie sheet.)