Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas break

Christmas break is almost over.  Here's what we've done, in no particular order (because I can't for the life of me remember what happened in what order):

  • We've been stocking up with goodies from World Market.  They have their Christmas stuff on sale right now.  Some of it is still on the expensive side, but we have really enjoyed rose TurkishTdelight, dark chocolate-dipped marzipan,  lemon Italian nougat (not like the nougat in US candy bars) and a dark chocolate orange.
  • There's been lots of curry.  Oh, and World Market also has a nice selection of jarred Indian and Thai curry sauces.
  • We got a big tree for the living room and a little tree for the dining room table.  Very nice, although I can't see D!
  • We got through our home Christmas prep pretty well.  Christmas notes are going to have to wait until I get Baby T back into parents' day out, if they happen at all. 
  • D made a "MERRY X-MAS" in LEGO for the shelf where I have my Christmas cards.  Awww!
  • The kids got to go skating a couple of times.
  • We went to Austin and C and I went to Fiddler's Green (a small Irish music store with a large ukulele selection) and C tried out ukuleles until she decided on a koa-top concert ukulele from Snail.  (I'm not totally sure if it's solid or laminate koa, but it's very nice.)  Meanwhile, my husband took D and Baby T to the Thinkery, an interesting but loud Austin children's museum.  We took Uber over there (my first ride--so impressed!) to meet them.  At the museum, a worker saw C's ukulele case and asked for a quick uke lesson, as they had a donated ukulele.  C gave him a 5-minute lesson.
  • For those of you counting at home, C now has one cheaper painted soprano ukulele and two mid-range concert ukuleles (price ranges from 30-something to 200-something).  She likes her new one best.
  • School is about to start and several of us are feeling a little under the weather, especially C.  She had a 102+ fever this morning and Baby T has a cough.  I'm a little sniffly.    

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