Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hi, Sarah!

Here's some of what's happening!  (I got a Christmas card mentioning the blog, so I thought I should put up something new.)

  • The leaves have finally started coming down hard, but the temperatures have been oddly high off and on.  I haven't had to wear socks much yet.
  • I forget if I blogged this previously, but C had her class play.  It was a short version of Shakespeare, she had a minor role, and it went fine.  It was a big relief to be done, as the drama teacher had been having the kids do an average of two hours of outside-school practice every single day, including the day of the play when they also had an in-school performance and an after-school performance.    
  • C has been practicing Christmas carols on her ukulele and she and D have tried singing and playing.
  • Very excitingly, it looks like there's an instrumental music class at school next year for the class C will be in then.  The ensemble plays in chapel and C says they are very good.  That will be both a nice music and social experience for C if she gets to play with them.  
  • D continues to enjoy the big college climbing wall.  He's also interested in visiting other climbing walls and a local trampoline park.  It looks like the trampoline park may be offering morning toddler hours, so very excited! 
  • I have some big Christmas plans for day trips/excursions, which may or may not happen:  a climbing wall, a field trip to a big city music store so C can try out ukuleles, the trampoline park and ice skating.  It may be possible to combine some of those.  
  • One more week of school, with a varying number of half-days for the kids (C has several exam days).
  • In a frenzy of Christmas spirit, I ordered a blue large-print hibiscus Hawaiian shirt for C, a red one for C, and then a matching red hibiscus print dress for Baby T.  (I just asked D if he wants one too--NOPE!)  
  • We recently got a recumbent bike (mainly for me) because I had been enjoying using the recumbent bike at the college gym and watching HGTV on my Kindle Fire.  (Yay, capitalism!)  Having had a number of not-so-great conventional stationary bike experiences, I've really been enjoying the recumbent bike--the posture is better, the seat is more comfortable, it's an all-round fantastic product.  We wanted to get the bike for me so I'd be able to exercise over Christmas.  One of the ironies of life just off a college campus is that when you really NEED exercise (Thanksgiving break or 2+ weeks of Christmas break) the gym is closed.  Fortunately, we have a big enough house that exercise equipment doesn't crowd us out.  Both big kids have enjoyed trying out the bike.    
  • With regard to Christmas stuff, I think we have bought just about all the gifts we should buy (which is not to say we won't buy more).  Somehow, between the three of them, our kids have five Christmas parties (two school, one preschool, two (?) CCD).  We're supposed to send something for just about every one, which looks like it may delay our family Christmas preparations quite a lot.  One down, four to go.
  • Baby T's preschool teacher sent home a paper stocking for us to decorate for her.  I subcontracted that out to C.  She didn't do a conventional red and white stocking, but she did ADORABLE Sharpie animals (including penguins and what looks like a winged dragon in a Santa cap) and then Baby T colored it all orange.
  • I haven't seen C draw animals other than dragons and horses for a long time, so it was nice to see her artistic range.    
  • It looks like the big kids will try fencing again in January.  

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Pony birthdays

Baby T asks out of the blue, "Do ponies have birthday apples?"

She noted that, "Horsies eat apples, too!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


I was having a couple distracted minutes and then went to look for Baby T.  I discovered that she had taken off her old wet diaper, put it into the bathroom trash, then ripped open a new pack of pullup on the stairs and put a fresh pullup on.