Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fossil Rim

We are splitting up the various Baby T birthday festivities due to some upcoming work travel.  Here's some of what is happening:

  • This past weekend we went to Fossil Rim, the drive-thru safari in Glen Rose TX.  I suspect we could have gotten through quicker on a week day--the people ahead of us were generously feeding the animals.  
  • Lots of deer-type critters.  Wow, there are a lot of different critters with twisty and pointy horns!
  • The European red deer stag is surprisingly majestic--I didn't realize that European deer were so large.
  • Fossil Rim has a nice collection of giraffes and we had a very nice view, including a baby giraffe.  We also got to see the zebras up close and a Przewalski's horse from far off.
  • C was very helpful in figuring out what the animals were from our park brochure.
  • The cafe in the middle of the park has a lovely overlook of the park.
  • There's also a children's center near the cafe.  Kids can pet goats (Baby T was grooming one) and see tortoises and parrots up close.  Not a major attraction, but nice to get out for.
  • Baby T didn't get her scheduled nap and fell asleep in the car just as we were leaving the park and headed to dinner.  We were able to have a nice Chinese dinner in Glen Rose with her sleeping in her stroller.
  • Lately, Baby T has been more and more flexible about her nap time, but she doesn't make it through the day without one.  If we skip it for some reason, she's very likely to fall asleep over dinner or in the car.  
  • In future, it might be nice to do a guided tour.  
  • Baby T's new Schwinn balance bike from grandma and grandpa arrived this morning!      

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