Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Our weather finally flipped over from a hot fall and we've finally got some morning lows in the 50s.  I pulled out Baby T's turtlenecks from the closet and put them into the playpen where we've been keeping her clothes.  (Not an elegant solution, but the playpen keeps them in one place and she's able to reach all of them.  This is really important, as Baby T's morning clothes selection process involves a lot of trial and error, and I would go bananas if I were taking half a dozen shirts off hangers for her and then needing to put them back on.  We'll eventually get Baby T a wardrobe with hangers at a level that she can reach and manage, but that can wait a bit.)  Her initial try at an outfit this morning was (if I'm remembering correctly), two striped turtlenecks on top of each other, a sleeveless lavender tutu dress on top and some zebra print knit pants.

In a week or two more, I'll give Baby T her corduroy pants.  The turtlenecks and the corduroys are the fun part.  The not-so-fun part is the fact that Baby T is going to need to wear SOCKS soon and putting on socks is a pain.  

Baby T has also gone big into leopard print.  At last count we have:  a pair of leopard ears, leopard stretch pants, a leopard print knit dress and a snuggly faux leopard fur jacket.

Marlin and Nemo

Although Baby T has never been willing to sit through Finding Nemo, she is charmed by the stuffed Nemo that one of the big kids got at Disneyland years ago.  The stuffed Nemo is one of her favorite companions.  She also loves to ask me to draw her Marlin and Nemo (the daddy fish and the baby fish) on scrap paper.  I've drawn them for her in orange and purple crayon--fortunately the clown fish is pretty easy to do a rough version of--draw a basic fish and just add a few stripes.  All done!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween vs. Christmas

C (age 13) says:  I love Halloween!
Baby T (age 3) says:  And I love Christmas!

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Here's some of what's happening:

  • I got the bug that everybody else had earlier this week and am taking today off.  I was thinking of taking off Sunday, too, but I don't think that will be necessary, as my bug is less lingering than the one C had (she was out of school Tuesday-Friday).
  • I've signed both big kids up for a cupcake decorating class!  
  • Baby T has been saying, "I want to get something new from the store every day."  Ooooookay!
  • We are having torrential rains.  Up until now, October had been very dry, and I was running the sprinkler.
  • I used to do the treadmill A LOT, but then had to give it up on my podiatrist's advice.  I tried the elliptical after that (we even bought one), but I got peroneal tendonitis within about two weeks.  Back in the summer of 2014, I tried several more suitable classes (yoga, aquacize and spinning) but having to go to class at particular times was not a good fit for our schedule or lifestyle.  But, at least for the moment, I've finally got something I can do at the gym again--I've been going and doing the stationary bicycle and watching Fixer Upper, the Texas-based HGTV renovation show.   

Friday, October 23, 2015

Baby T wants new boots

It's raining hard outside and Baby T says, "I want new yellow boots because they're yellow"  Then she changed her mind, "just red boots."

Friday, October 9, 2015

Baby T notes

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T says that when she gets bigger, she'll turn into Nemo and swim like a fish.  (????)
  • Baby T and I were tucking D into bed.  Baby T wished him Dora dreams, that being what she enjoys.  (!!!!!)
  • Baby T talked me into buying a set of a dozen Dora the Explorer mini-books at Barnes and Noble today.
  • We got a big cheesecake sampler to celebrate Baby T's third birthday this weekend.
  • C has been doing some very interesting fantasy drawings of dragons in art.  
  • C is very close to being able to buy a very nice (but not top-of-the-line) ukulele.
  • D can walk a little on his hands and is continuing to make progress on the college climbing wall.
  • He made a "Happy B-Day" sign for Baby T out of LEGO. 
  • The kids have all been enjoying My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fossil Rim

We are splitting up the various Baby T birthday festivities due to some upcoming work travel.  Here's some of what is happening:

  • This past weekend we went to Fossil Rim, the drive-thru safari in Glen Rose TX.  I suspect we could have gotten through quicker on a week day--the people ahead of us were generously feeding the animals.  
  • Lots of deer-type critters.  Wow, there are a lot of different critters with twisty and pointy horns!
  • The European red deer stag is surprisingly majestic--I didn't realize that European deer were so large.
  • Fossil Rim has a nice collection of giraffes and we had a very nice view, including a baby giraffe.  We also got to see the zebras up close and a Przewalski's horse from far off.
  • C was very helpful in figuring out what the animals were from our park brochure.
  • The cafe in the middle of the park has a lovely overlook of the park.
  • There's also a children's center near the cafe.  Kids can pet goats (Baby T was grooming one) and see tortoises and parrots up close.  Not a major attraction, but nice to get out for.
  • Baby T didn't get her scheduled nap and fell asleep in the car just as we were leaving the park and headed to dinner.  We were able to have a nice Chinese dinner in Glen Rose with her sleeping in her stroller.
  • Lately, Baby T has been more and more flexible about her nap time, but she doesn't make it through the day without one.  If we skip it for some reason, she's very likely to fall asleep over dinner or in the car.  
  • In future, it might be nice to do a guided tour.  
  • Baby T's new Schwinn balance bike from grandma and grandpa arrived this morning!