Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ukulele trip plans

As of yesterday, C has $400 in practice credit, so we could go to Austin to do ukulele trying-out any day now.  But, as it happens, it's probably going to need to be sometime during the week before Thanksgiving.  I'm encouraging C to keep plugging away, as I suspect that there may be some good options in the next price range up.  For instance, I see that Martin sells their most basic concert ukulele for $479.  And who knows what may be available used...

Here's what I'm thinking:

  • she tries out ukuleles in Austin at Fiddler's Green (and maybe we should do the Austin Guitar Center, too)
  • if that doesn't work, we order in the more promising options from Guitar Center one at a time and she tries them out
  • if that doesn't work, we go to Austin again in a few months and try again (the stock should have shifted a little by then) 
I've also occasionally seen some good leads in the big city Craigslists.

So, that should keep us busy for a while.

We still have $2400 left from C's settlement (we've only spent about $100 of it).  With $700 for therapeutic riding in the fall and then $700 for therapeutic riding in the spring, that leaves $1000, which is a nice chunk of money for a ukulele.   

Of course, it may be that C actually prefers the sound of something less expensive.  We shall see...

She'll also need a new concert-sized case.  I think it ought to be a hard case for the price ranges I've been mentioning.

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