Sunday, September 13, 2015

Baby T's plans

Lately, Baby T has started making plans at bedtime and before naps for what she's going to do after she gets up.  Some of them (like "watch Dora" or "watch Blue") are immediately feasible.  Some of them are less so (toy store, zoo and children's museum).  She also talks about how she's going to have "Dora dreams" when she sleeps.

Baby T has also gotten more and more interested in letters.  Her bedtime staple these days is a large alphabet puzzle with an animal for almost every letter (with some cheating for V and X).  She obviously knows the majority of the letters and she knows many pairs (for instance "o is for octopus" and "t is for tiger").

She isn't thrilled about parents' day out (and she's kind of negative about going), but once we're there, she's very content and busy.  And, very importantly, it looks like potty training is well underway at parents' day out!  I plan to gear up after her 3rd birthday.

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