Saturday, August 15, 2015

Still a minion!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T is still a minion.  In fact, she's now a "little yellow minion."
  • I was contemplating getting a really cute $9 or $10 (!) minion soap pump at the store for Baby T, but I'm pretty sure she'd start taking it to bed.
  • Baby T is still on an insane independence kick.  She wants to do everything herself, and if you do anything for her, she'll squeak and start all over again.  But, as my husband suggests, this may mean sweet liberation for us within a year.  It also bodes very well for potty training.
  • Baby T can put on shoes, shirts, dresses (the no-button kind), shorts and she is starting to work on pants.
  • She's starting to develop a taste for frozen treats.
  • She says she is 3, not 2.  (She's 2, but she'll be 3 in early October.)
  • Got to get that party planning in gear!  I'm thinking some sort of drive thru safari type thing (very common in Texas).
  • D continues to shine at the college climbing wall.
  • D's 5th grade teacher threw the class a pool party this weekend.
  • C is starting 8th grade very soon! 

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